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We have set aside a special place in each of our stores, with the purpose of expressing and giving free rein to the knowledge and skill of the culinary art that our national and foreign cooks possess. One of the successes of our cuisine is the preservation of traditional Mexican food that, combined with other dishes of regional interest, make our customers consume it and feel satisfied by that pleasant unforgettable moment. For the preparation of our food we use the most selected of the products that we have in stock for sale to the daily consumer. There is no customer in all the stores of Junior’s Super Market that has not tasted our great variety of fresh foods prepared in place and that leave our premises with some disappointment. Each and every one of the consumers returns to the set hours for the lunch or lunch, combined with our exquisite drinks of fresh water, juice, ice cold sodas.

Each and every one of our experts in the culinary arts comply with all the sanitary regulations and others established in the cities where we have our establishments, and they follow the letter of the use of the necessary ingredients for each recipe, in order to Preserve the quality of our meals and the traditional flavor of the region. Also all our establishments have zones exclusively destined to the elaboration of the meals without our clientele is interrupted in its activity of purchase of products.



The passion of our bread making specialists has made us constantly renew our facilities with the purpose of improving this service, which is increasing day by day due to the constant demand of our consumers. We strive to meet all the quality standards demanded by government authorities. Likewise, we maintain the designs and flavors of the different specialties of traditional bread, so that our customers are satisfied to bring the best product for their tables and who have in every acquisition of our products, a different taste experience.

We are always recognizing the work and talent of our workers, with the purpose of upgrading their skills and training them well beyond the experience they have, so that they contribute every day to the best of their knowledge in the elaboration of the different products derived from the white mass, integral, rye, multigrain, etc.

We are able to supply the demand of the inhabitants of this valley, as well as hotels, restaurants, hostels and small merchants, who recognize the quality and service of our stores in the bread and pastry specialty, cakes, desserts, Mexican pastries, products in which we preserve the aroma and traditional flavor. We are sure that our products supply the need for energy and other essential substances that daily contribute in our bodies, for its proper functioning.
Visit Junior’s Super Market, we are very early ready to attend your need of the day. It will be a privilege to serve you.

Meat Market

Meat Market

Looking for fresh and top quality products? Here we have the best products of the best meat certified by the USDA that exists in the Valley, cuts for all kinds of specialties of traditional cuisine, national and foreign. Our specialists will give you an explanation of the different types of meat and its cuts, be it vaccine, swine or poultry. We also have different meat derivatives when sausages are concerned. The gastronomic demand of our local consumers, has led us to demand ourselves to find and supply the necessary products to be tasted by the most demanding palates.

In the family basket of the inhabitants of the Rio Grande Valley, you can not miss this fundamental component of your diet that are the different types of meat purchased in our stores. We have the most modern freezing systems, with the purpose of maintaining without any variation, the freshness and quality of our products. From the disposition to the commercialization in the stores, a constant chain of freezing is maintained, as well as the bacteriological control to avoid the contamination of our products.

Junior’s Super Market has a constant challenge regarding the supply of our meat products, due to the population increase and its consequent demand. This is an advantage for us because the higher the demand we can keep prices at low levels, so that they can be purchased by the greater number of our demanding consumers. In this way we collaborate with the quality of life of our clients and favor the economic growth of the region.


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