Junior's Super Market


Our varied cultures fuse each day in a tradition that can not be ignored, because we sell the element that unites these cultures through the use of the tortilla. The table of each of our consumers is adorned to be tasted like no other, the tortillas of the Junior’s Super Market. The tortilla is the traditional bread of the inhabitants of the Rio Grande Valley and they contribute a great percentage of nutrients in the daily diet for being healthy and organic. The diversity of dishes in which the tortilla is integrated, goes from the common “taquito” to gourmet specialties that delight the palates and preserve the culture and tradition of the tortilla, in addition to linking countries of central, southern and North America. The wide range of flavors and colors of tortillas, both flour and corn, are manufactured in each of our stores, as we have all the modern facilities in the manufacture of this exquisite component of the Mexican diet and now of almost all the conglomerate American and Latin. Do not miss the opportunity to buy our products of tortillas and their different derivatives to harmonize and share at the table of our homes.


7501 S Cage Blvd
Pharr, TX 78577
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108 E FM 495
San Juan, Tx 78589
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Hidalgo, TX 78577
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Alton, Tx 78573
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