Junior's Super Market
Many of our products are printed on the attached information, recipes that will serve for the consumer to use the correct amounts to reach the flavor experience that is desired. In case you do not know the product that we are exhibiting at our counters, consult a store manager, who are trained to illustrate the consumer in the use of the product.

Do not hesitate to consult us, since in this way you optimize the consumption of the products you have purchased and your economy will be favored, thereby achieving that you can purchase other products that were not considered in the diet of the day or week.


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      7501 S Cage Blvd
      Pharr, TX 78577
      Phone: 956-781-0466

      5901 N Veterans Blvd
      Pharr, TX 78577
      Phone: 956-781-6645

      3621 N Closner Blvd
      Edinburg, TX 78541
      Phone: 956-383-7178

      108 E FM 495
      San Juan, Tx 78589
      Phone: 956-787-1452

      6501 S Cage Blvd
      Pharr, TX 78577
      Phone: 956-781-7040

      1410 E Texano Dr
      Hidalgo, TX 78577
      Phone: 956-843-1835

      38828 FM Rd 2221
      Penitas, TX 78576
      Phone: 956-519-1211

      215 W Main Ave
      Alton, Tx 78573
      Phone: 956-585-1371