Junior's Super Market


We currently have a growing demand for products for their delicatessen at all times, as our customers are satisfied with the quality, freshness and diversity of flavors that are offered in our stores Junior’s Super Market. All the favorite brands that exist in the local market, are displayed in our modern showcases that preserve the freshness and quality to be tasted by our customers and marketed for different homes, restaurants, offices and event rooms. We have the most varied quality of fresh and mature cheeses, sausages, preserves and high quality wines to fill the table of local homes, event rooms or offices.

We are aware that in recent times the use of the kitchen is no longer exclusively for women, but men have ventured into the art and culture of preparing the most exquisite gourmet and delicatessen dishes to taste at different times with family or friends . Therefore the provision of products plays a very important role in the local market and we are sure that every day we strive to cover this market that grows over time. The Mexican culture is the foundation of the diversity of dishes with exotic flavors that can be elaborated with our products.

The kitchen is no longer the place where only the woman made only food for the daily consumption of the family, now is the place where we can express both men and women, the skill of our hands and the knowledge acquired in schools of pastry, confectionery Or gourmet institutions.


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