Junior's Super Market

Beef Stew


  • Beef Stew Meat, or any other beef that can be cubed or chunked in such a way
  • Vegetables of your choice, can include carrots, onion, potatoes, squash, and other such veggies
  • A full container of Beef Stock, you might need more depending on the size of your pot and the amount of ingredients going in.
  • A few cloves of garlic, once again depending on the amount of food though three to four should be fine


Cut the extra fat off of the meat if you want to or cut it into smaller chunks if you believe the current pieces are too large. Add oil to the pot and heat it to medium high heat. Add you garlic once the pot has heated and stir it for about 15 seconds and then add the meat. Cook the meat till it is has begun to brown on all sides and then add you veggies. Cook this for a few minutes till the veggies begin to show sign of being heated and then pour your beef stock, if you don’t have beef stock you can still use water. You need to fill the so that you can see the liquid but that it does not cover all of the food. Cook till stock has begun to boil and turn heat to low and cover. Let the stew sit like this for about an hour, making sure to stir it every now and then. Especially make sure that you never lose all your liquid. Once you feel it has sat long enough, turn off your heat source and serve.


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